• Falcon Series

    Mix two different materials into one cup create superior friction in the middle but soft on the outside.

  • G1&G3 - 5B Series

    Evo-G2 5 bearing diabolo: Accelerates faster than a triple and single bearing diabolo. We recommend high-level players. Beginners may have a hard time controlling the speed. This diabolo performs especially well for vertical tricks.

  • Evo Fixed Series

    Evo fixed diabolo: Increased cup shape creates longer spinning time. Very useful in a class setting with a teacher.

  • LED Kit

    Rechargeable LED kit: 2 LED’s per set. 3 light modes. Single button light change (blue, white, blue/white combo).

  • Temple Rope

    Individual temple jump rope: 2.7 meters. Recommended for beginners. Heavier rope allows for better feel for beginners.
    Group temple rope: Works better for group activity. Multiple color rope adds to performance. Comes in double 3.3 meters, 4.2 meters and group 10 meters sizes.

  • Shuttlecock

    Like a Chinese tumbler or soccer ball. Play with head, hands and feet.