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SUNDIA DIABOLO JUGGLING EQUIPMENTS Floors 1, No.30-3, Ln81, Sec 7, Chounshan N.Rd, Taipei, Taiwan, R.O.C. 02-2875-6885 02-2876-4762 sundiadiabolo@hotmail.com.tw Nationwide
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 Established in 1998, Feeling Sporting Goods Corp. has seen significant growth to become the leading traditional sports goods manufacturer in Taiwan. Our product range includes Diabolos (Chinese Yo-Yo), Spinning Top, Rope Skipping, Juggling Equipment and many other traditional folk handicrafts.

The “Chinese Yo-Yo” is a traditional Chinese folk art which is becoming more and more popular worldwide. The traditional Chinese Yo-Yo has a distinctive character due to the humming noise produced when spinning.

In western countries, the “Diabolo” has a more rounded bell shape with softer materials used.

In 2000 we founded Andes Management & Service to promote and manage the ethos of the sport and leisure lifestyle and the benefits it brings. In this role, we represent athletes, acrobatics, performing arts, schools and cultural institutions, whom we support with our expertise alongside our products. This current diversity reflects the measure of our success and we will continue to strive for excellence and the long term benefits we believe in.

We now design and produce many other sporting goods, toys and accessories, and our range continues to grow with research and investment in new products. Our goods are available in a wide range of colours and sizes and are competitively priced. We are also able to sell worldwide through our increasing network of approved international sellers to see our products marketed on a global scale.

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Address: Floors 1, No.30-3, Ln81, Sec 7, Chounshan N.Rd, ShiLin District, Taipei, Taiwan
Tel:+886228756885  +886228727770
Fax: +886228764762
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Take MRT red line to Shipai Station exit 1. Transfer buses 224, 601 or RED 19 to Tianmu Village Station. See George Shoes turn left to cross street, go straight 300 meters to see the traffic lights then turn right. We'll be on on your left side. Any problems please call +886-2-28756885. Let us help you.

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